as the sun

as this is another day,
it, too, must be honored—
the sun of yesterday,
no longer knows it shines on.

gliding through the histories
of lovers and those beloved,
having swam the full day
and gave reason for each to strive on:

she is in love with all,
her moons and stars, today,
but he, he calls attention
with ugly interruption—

when o once now we were
within won and at one without—
like we’re droplets one diving into
the other like long summering rain comes

and I caught the love, to,
by pen, be cause alone
for the thundering storms,
and flashes of brilliance breaking ground

sweet light fall come now,
till the good earth,
feed the green life and make it
ripe and ready and well readied to be taken.

o but she comes now, and
with such sweet sweeps of air—
stride that mothers the earth,
come wash me as clean (as the sun).

don’t you know, where
the light peaks through,
it shines your hearts’ beat
beaming through the skies, unstoppable.

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