There’s so much to say here about art and language and life, and with Kim Sadowski’s comment, pop culture as well. The whole story seems to echo of a rite of passage or the phases of life; something called a ven Gennepian tripartite, which I have incidentally just come across, describes three phases: separation, margin (liminality) and aggregation, I believe this is evident in all art—perhaps it is reason for much of the music of our past was composed in movements or other sections. It only seems to make sense that as time progresses self-expression demand a greater role and mode of action. I think the toll that takes on the generations is also great, and perhaps there is some newfound love of the incomplete. In any case, the phases of art or consciousness or composition for that matter without doubt reflect universality to me, in every sense, the conscious, the physical and the living; emergence, transition, permanence, or even life, death and the eternal, in the grandest sense. All in a beautiful and elegant piece. Thanks for the read.

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