does anyone else ever get the feeling that if they studied course material in reverse they’d get a better grasp of the subject matter? what I mean is that in a lot of my classes I feel like we fall into a deep focus on general subjects of study, mostly liberal arts and humanities, but also in the technical fields, beginning very “micro” and then, possibly, growing into a more macro approach where we at least become up to speed with some of the latest opinions and practical problems and their potential solutions. basically, (I want I say we, but, at least, for me), I am interested in what benefit potential knowledge of said subject matter is, not just what major requirement does it fulfill. it’s kinda frustrating when you have difficulty understanding something and there seems to be no other way to progress or move on, it just seems highly unlikely. science is meant to solve problems, theories are expected to evolve, it makes no sense to me that some minds are deliberately excluded from this sort of exercise in humanity and individuality. there is a basic argument against what I’m saying in that one ought to begin with the basics. and I honestly hear nothing but that I must do something as was done every time that is said, it’s like invoking the defeatists’ excuse of that—what ever “that” ever is— just being “the way it is”. nonsense.  what are some of the obstacles in the path of current studies in these fields we are required to take?  it’s a simple question and I’ve rare gone near it in any classroom but how valuable is it in our deciding what we want to do for the rest of our lives, or believe even. philosophy is easy to pick on because, mostly because it always has been, but also because it bears the greatest burden and responsibility. practical philosophy will help us lead “better” lives, freed of the chains of ignorance and irrationality—even if you argue there are other ways, we can say it simply retains a philosophy of its own, structured thought irrespective of consciousness: philosophy!  so why don’t we don’t we look at some everyday instances where philosophy saves the day—seriously, why can’t we really be philosophers, or scientists, or researchers, or intellectuals even, for a day and not just their tired fan club, making soccer moms out of innocent teachers and turning ourselves into well-dressed speak-and-says?  it seems to me science has gone far enough when the tools we have at our disposal—and the wonderful minds! think of all the embellished history of walking ten miles in snow for a teacher and be grateful it ends with you—allow us to build nearly at moment’s notice.  or is that not part of the lesson plans, education? are we really simply to do as we’re told, again, and again? what happens to our glorious achievements and great advancements then—the same thing were we angels, I’ll say, probably (not faithfully)—but the hope is real for some of us, and the human race runs on two feet—and for some of us winning is only the beginning, “journey-is-the-destination” kinda thing.

if you’ve ever seen that meme “what if the cure for cancer is trapped in the mind if someone who can’t afford an education”, as a man of faith, I don’t believe it; if it were trapped in anyone’s mind he won’t need the “education”, but whereever he is he’s probably either pissed off or very patient, and he could use our help. we all carry a cure for something in us I believe, no matter where/when we start, we are given/have/taken from something no one else has.  the dirtiest feeling is that, still, “education”, “the system”, and whoever is or isn’t a part of it all don’t care, and count on the best to run through the shit to weed out from whoever they think they have the right to exploit, for the good of “society” and “people”, unconscious fascists that they are.  even in that case the hope lives, the only thing that keeps institutions of knowledge going—however—is the people who comprise them and only when they are honest, otherwise it’s just a societal machine, rusted and obsolete. don’t mistake this sort of political commentary for mere anarchist banter, or pessimism; communities do exist and not all communication is scripted, obviously—it is merely a forecasting and warning:  though structures may be our own self-made shackles, (remember, you have a philosophy), good guides never falter or waver, and work with you start to finish to start, and however many times you’ll go.

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