“the magic”

Of course we “need” more scholars.. of every language.. the fact that they are rare.. that there is (a) language which requires not only one who speaks it but one who understands its nuance and subtlety reminds us of  how we are to seek these people and how we are made rich when they are with us and at a loss when they are not… it is not to drive us towards commodification of wisdom, taking what we want when we want it, nor is it  an opportunity to attempt to take things completely apart and lose context in the process, looking for flaws instead of seeking depth and balance.. knowledge may precede faith but faith directs knowledge and allows us to grow… you cannot replace one with the other as though you were a computer installing functions and wisdoms… those who look for “a needle in a haystack” are more likely to get pricked before they find anything, and if they do find anything, they’ve strewn apart the poetry of life to the point where there is no difference between a breeze and a storm or the sun and light or night and shadows… it takes “the magic” away, for lack of a better expression… maybe there is a wisdom here, too.. but the basic point is that instance over progression or quantity over quality or breadth over depth is short-sighted and meets with great loss unless you wisely place your trust.

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