maybe I’ll just never rest (an action) 
and maybe, after a while, (time, discontinuity)
my language (that there is such a thing) 
they’ll understand, (discontent, hope)
and you’ll speak it, too, (audience)
and cherish (unity)
every (continuity and togetherness)
single (multitude)
captured with our hearts; (affection)
our buried treasure in an ocean of love, (presence, ) M
hurried down free, from high up above. (earnest, the mind) M
and I wonder just when (time, faith)
you’ll have come up half-way, breathless, (travel, destination, aim) M
will you remember who I am (difficulty)
or have lost your self in a sea (decoherence) M
of meaning (language)
where I just keep saying (timelessness, continuity)
the same thing(s) (doubt, insistence)
to you (preference, admiration)
and you never say enough, (pride, pleasure)
wave after thrashing wave. (pride, pleasure) M



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