rivers’ running

كان رجلان أخوان فهلك أحدهما قبل أن يهلك صاحبه بأربعين ليلة ، فذكرت فضيلة الأول عند رسول الله ، فقال : ألم يكن الآخر مسلما ؟ قالوا : بلى يا رسول الله ، وكان لا بأس به . فقال رسول الله – صلى الله عليه وسلم – : وما يدريكم ما بلغت به صلاته بعده ، إنما مثل الصلاة كمثلنهر غمر عذب بباب أحدكم يقتحم فيه كل يوم خمس مرات ، فما ترون ذلك يبقي من درنه؟ فإنكم لا تدرون ما بلغت به صلاته

Two men were brothers, and one of them perished before the other perished by forty nights, and so the mention of the righteousness of the former had reached the messenger of Allah so that he said:  “Was not the other muslim?  They said, “Indeed, O messenger of Allah, and, there was nothing bad about him.  So then, the messenger of Allah said—upon him be peace and blessing—: “And what would have given you any clue to what his salah had reached; indeed, the similitude of salah, is like that of a copious, sweet, river by the door of one of you, which he immerses himself in every day, five times, so what would you see left on him of grime? So you don’t know to what his salah had reached.

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