أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم:
“The Romans”
54-Allah is the one who created ye from weakness, and then made after weakness strength, and then from after strength, weakness and gray hair; he creates what he wishes; he is the knowing, powerful—
55-And the day the hour rises the miscreants will swear they hadn’t dwelt but an hour, and thusly they had been deluded—
56-Said those who were given the knowledge and the faith: “Surely you had dwelt in the book of Allah until the day of the sending-out, and so, this is the day of the sending-out, yet ye were those who did not know. 
57-And so, on this day, their excuses will not benefit them, those who had oppressed, nor will they plead their case;
58- Surely we have stricken for the people, in this qurān, from every kind of similitude, and if you came to them with signs, those who had rejected faith will surely say: “Ye are but falsifiers*!
59- And thusly does Allah print upon the hearts of those who don’t know
60-So, be patient for the promise of Allah is truth, and they won’t make light of you, those who aren’t made certain.
*in the sense of naysaying or rejecting custom

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