can you see me now

how about we try some thing else,
start somewhere else, pick wherever you wanna go
and say we’re there:

we need no loss to begin with
transformation commences forthwith
wherever, all at once, there is good trade

sure we preserve and persevere for the history books,
passing down the line the good we know,
following in each other’s footsteps

what the journey entails in the end however
is what our tales forever stretch to say
where we come from (the heart) tells where we stay

so let’s say we’re in this daze now, this game
of poetry such is said that it raps, taps at the heart,
and there is this kind mind up above calling all the shots

and with every word we have our world put together
and we can only see from the every other
his bright shining light sung in every key calling dawn—

he brushes with his hand across the cheeks of his fate,
holding his only ever dream come true in the breeze,
his proof a promise of love comes through, once and forever—

and so that if we chose nothing, we would get nothing,
if we chose flesh, we would get the flesh in full,
chose this world, we would get this world, crumbling with it—

but choose the hereafter, the then now
and rise up above the sunlit pasture
until you land back home where you started

where our words are truly our lighted way,
and we look no where else, truly, with our wandering looks
when we desire only the best from ourselves,

and glistened eyes let us peek at the happenings deep inside,
the glowing face glows with all we can see and know,
the bodies that live and breath the stories of our hopes and dreams—

so we can begin in praises and end in praise
and be grateful all at the same time,
hear every thing we each have to say, thrifty with the terms of our love

having found a worthy audience or become one,
eager for the racing blood to articulate
otherwise what’s the use in us ever talking

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