let down my guard and sparks fly

there is the moment when
I decide
not to remove layers yet
from the surface of me
and prepare to envelop myself in something
or someone so you

it happened when I was wearing a cozy sweater
gifted me by a lover as dear
as nearness is to god and to the pounding heart

and I didn’t want to take it off to go to bed,
trading it for a blanket, just yet and leave
o the sweet state I’m in

because we know we can’t stay
so long in these earthly binds we wear, longing so
for that coolness in your eyes

while our bodies finally fall asleep,
each one blanketing the other,
their every breath fanning the flames

of a passion our dancing souls throw them into—
until mercy pulls them apart, flush
and sighing alone for a time, each take a side.

and so I speak this way
to you tell the same story,
over and over again and again
with every little letter ever uttered
and its hidden bioluminescence,
until you know who I am

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