tonight’s talk (notes)

I want to cover three topics insha’allah: shukr, hamd and shirk (but these may actually be two)

translation key: slashes (obviously) indicate alternate word translations, parentheticals indicate understood grammatical markers, such as person, definiteness, tense or other understood speech, brackets indicate my own commentary and notation, and single quotes indicate oft-repeated phrases in the quran

the triple asterisks indicate the general focus of the talk, and the doubles are for if there is time 🙂

***31:12- “and certainly we gave luqman (the) wisdom: that (you) give thanks for allah; and whosoever gives thanks, then indeed he only gives thanks for his own self/sake, and whoever ungratefully rejects—then indeed, allah is rich, praiseworthy.

31:13- [introduces luqman and his advice to his son] “do not associate partners with allah; indeed (the) association of partners is great wrongdoing”

31:14- [narration shifts from luqman’s advice to his son to Allah’s advice to humanity:] obedience to parents, with emphasis on mother’s pregnancy. the command is given to once again give thanks [shukr] to allah, but also to parents.

31:15- [condition is given to the thanks given/the obedience warranted to parents:] do not obey them or thank them to the point where you are associating with allah something which you have no knowledge of, even if they force you to do so. The advice continues: if such is the case that the parents are not good models, “then follow the path of those who have turned towards me”, for “then unto me is your returning, so I will inform you with what you had been doing”.

31:16- [narration shifts back to luqman’s advice to his son:] “o my son, were it the equivalent of a seed of mustard which was within a rock or in the sky or in the earth allah will bring it; indeed allah is subtle, well informed”;

31:17- “o my son, establish salah/worship and enjoin that which is right, and prevent that which is wicked, and be patient with what befalls you; for indeed such are of the matters requiring determination and perseverance.”

31:18- “and do not contort your cheek to the people, and don’t walk with excessive pride; for indeed, Allah does not love any/every conceited self-glorifier.

31:19- “and be moderate in your walk, and lower your voice; for indeed, the harshest of sounds is surely the sound of the ass

31:20- [narration shifts to back to Allah’s advice to humanity:] “don’t you see how allah has subjected for you all that which is in the skies, and all that which is in the earth, and amply bestowed upon you his blessings, those apparent and those hidden—and of the people are those who argue in regard to allah without knowledge, or guidance or an enlightening book

***31:21-“and when it is said to them: follow that which allah sent down, they say: rather, we (will) follow what we found our forefathers upon—and even if the shaytaan is calling them to the torture of a blazing fire?

31:22- “and whosoever submits his face towards allah while he is muhsin [excellence-seeking], for indeed he has grasped onto a ‘most trustworthy handhold’; and unto allah is the conclusion of all affairs.

31:23- [narration shifts directly to the messenger ﷺ:] “And whosoever ungratefully rejects, then (let) not it sadden you his ingratitude; unto us is their returning so we will inform them with what they did; indeed allah is well-knowing of that which is in the chests

31:24- “we will grant them enjoyment a little, then we will necessitate them to (the) severe torture—

**31:25- “and if you ask them: who created the skies and the earth, surely they will certainly say allah; say alhamdulilah—nay most of them do not [even] know

**31:26- “unto allah is what is in the skies and the earth; indeed allah is the rich, the praiseworthy—

**31:27- “and if indeed what is in the earth of trees were pens, and the ocean was extended thereupon by seven oceans, the words of allah would not be exhausted; indeed allah is all-mighty, all-wise

**31:28- “naught is your creation or your resurrection except but like one soul/self; indeed allah is all-hearing, all-seeing

**31:29- “don’t you see how allah causes the night to enter into the day and causes the day to enter into the night, and (how) he subjected the sun and the moon (to ye), all run ‘unto an appointed time’, and that allah is well-informed of that which ye do/work

31:30- “such is because indeed allah, he is the truth, and indeed whatever they call to from other than him is falsehood, and indeed allah, he is the most-high, the greatest

31:31- “don’t you see that the ships run in the oceans by the blessing of allah so he shows you of his signs; indeed in that are surely signs for every forbearing, thanking-one [shakoor]—

31:32- “and when it covered them, a ocean wave like shadowing canopies, they called allah, sincere to him in their deen/way, so then when he aided them towards land, then some of them were moderate; and none deny/reject (with) the signs of allah except every treacherous ingrate

***31:33- “o ye people, beware your lord and fear a day whence no father can be availed by his son, nor (will) any child
be availed by his father anything; indeed the promise of allah is truth, so (let) not it deceive you, the life of this world, nor (let) the deceiver deceive with allah

31:34- “indeed, allah has with himself knowledge of the hour, and he sends down the rain, and he knows that which is in the wombs, and no self/soul knows/has a clue what it will earn tomorrow, nor will any self/soul know with what (piece of) earth they will die; indeed allah is all-knowing, well-informed.

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