not all rage is inspiration

the difference between spectacle and art is? necessity. art always has an audience with a question and so, the artist speaks to them out of necessity, that something needs to be said. spectacle draws and demands your attention without question, for its own sake. the artists speaks to us, the spectacle talks to people..

it functions while the artist serves a purpose, as a person not an object. it objectifies itself when art becomes a subject: aiming, concision, precision and vision are the artist’s strategy and tools. a spectacle’s only gamble is our memory, the chance to make a mark instead of an impression. not all rage is inspiration.

the binary, like all binaries only binds us by choice, the choice of a distinction which we can always choose to ignore, but never forget. and neither side ever stands out more than the other anywhere other than within our perceptions first

and even though it sounds good to always pay attention, so you don’t get lost, there are some times and places where it’s safe and better to be lost and immersed rather than curious at the surface.

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